About Me

Hey there! Welcome to my site. Here you’ll find a small glimpse of work that I’ve done or am currently doing. Most of it is side projects, artwork, and photographs.

Currently, I’m working at a Telecom, Media, and Tech consulting firm as a senior analyst, helping firms with their growth strategies. Before my current job, I studied business and entrepreneurship at Babson College. Outside of work, the two side projects that I currently have are: loopchain.io, which focuses on the circular economy; and ciudadana.mx, a site that focuses on solutions to some of Mexico’s problems.

Loopchain.io is a continuation of my senior thesis, where I explored the design and financial value of industrial symbiosis (a system where businesses trade their outputs, or wastes, with other firms that can use them as inputs).

Ciudadana.mx started several years ago as a way to share some ideas on improving Mexico. While I have not been as active in it, I hope it helps shifts the dialogue from problem identification, to solution propositioning.

Take a look around and if you want to reach out, email me at eugenio@loopchain.io


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