started as a project focused on changing the discourse related to Mexico’s challenges. Instead of focusing on the issue and what is wrong with it, I wanted to promote a constructive way of talking about problems—by pairing the criticism with idea generation, with solutions. That message is embodied through Ciudadana’s logo, composed of the eagle, found in the Mexican flag, within a bulb. Most of the articles on the site focus on policy changes, though some do touch upon business ideas that can have a positive social impact. Ideas I wrote about include publishing weekly short stories that use the names of children within a school district as characters to promote more reading (I assumed they would want to find out if their name was used) and more traditional policy ideas.

I’ve also added a couple images on the logo and website for anyone who’s interested. The intent was to show “Mexican idea generation” and took it quite literally by combining the major symbols for both, the Mexican eagle and a light bulb. At first I thought of placing the eagle on top of the bulb, but the design was splitting the logo essentially into two objects. On web browsers that meant both would become smaller and harder to see, so something more compact was needed that gave size to each object. That’s how I ended up placing the eagle inside the bulb.

Note: I am in the process of transferring the site to WordPress after having it on a Drupal platform. Sorry for the appearance in the meantime.