Loopchain.io rose out of my desire to continue exploring the subject of my Honor’s Thesis at Babson. In my thesis, I had explored biomimicry as a design framework, analyzing it’s track record, potential, and shortfalls. My thesis concluded with a financial and ecological study of an industrial symbiosis—an area where businesses exchange wastes—that led me to a deeper interest in the circular economy.

I find the circular economy particularly attractive because it directly confronts the issue of virgin resources depleting and transforms the concept of waste as useless to waste as a resource. For businesses, this translates to efficient use of resources and innovation in business models. Inherently, the circular economy looks to tackle those problems and help businesses succeed. Having business interests in the equation is crucial if we want to innovate quickly in the field and reach higher levels of sustainability.

Loopchain.io focuses on this area by promoting the creation of circular economy businesses through case studies and by examining this field’s continually evolving landscape. In the future, I see Loopchain.io as a resource where individuals can find business ideas and inspires them to execute on those ideas.

Why Loopchain? The name for the site emerged as a desire to identify with something circular and supply chains, as robust supply chains are essential to the circular economy. Loops emphasize the continuous flow of materials within a circular economy and chains emphasize the linkage between them, as well as the business role. Overall, I like the name. The .io adds something to it, and I’d like to say it’s because of ‘input/output’, but it’s merely what was available. Got lucky.